Thursday, April 12, 2012


The Goal!!!!

Lately, I have really been into organizing my tiny space, so I took a trip to The Container Store in Friendship Heights to indulge. I picked up quite a few things: 2 garment rolling racks($69.00 each), 4- 12 shoe holder cubbies and 6 boot shapers @5.99 each. I figured I would start out with these few items and see if it helps with organization or whether I just spent more money on more junk. The Container Store is running a sale on the shoe cubbies @27.99 each. I am considering going back for more... but after I assemble these I want to make sure I am in love with the product. So far I purchased one shoe cubby from display because I knew I wouldn't feel like piecing it together myself. Here are some PROS and CONS of my purchases...

  1. cute
  2. economical
  3. looks really nice when stacked

  1. High heels does not fit inside
  2. You can't stand shoes up in cubbies
  3. Shoes must lie flat
  4. Clunky shoes(that I love to wear) don't fit inside cubbies
  5. Become expensive depending on how many shoes you have  
  1.  Durable
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Commercial Grade
  4. Extended arms for added storage
  5. Nice wheels
  6. Provides more closet space without a closet
  7. Collapsible
  1. I wish they were cheaper

I included pictures of my purchases above and I hope I have inspired someone to start organizing their closet. When I am all finished with my new project I will share with you guys. In the  meantime look at what the finished product is supposed to look like.

Now I am loving the shelves!!!!

This person had her shelves built which is why she can fit a whole pair in one cubby with high heels. The ones you get from container store are only big enough for small heeled shoes.. hmmm

A girl can dream can't she?

Definitely might go back for the larger cubbies for handbags. I love the way that looks.


  1. I love the huge closet rooms! The cubies for the purses is an awesome idea!


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