Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Easter is quickly approaching, and I know for a lot of you this is the last minute home stretch to get the best looks for the holidays. Soft  pretty pastels are everywhere because they are the most common shades associated with Easter. This year I would like to challenge you to find a way to do Easter in a more lively fashion. Let's Go NEON!!!!! This season is ALL about electric hues of red, blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, blue, and white. Instead of rocking the same ole poofy baby pink and powder blue.. Let's make a BOLD statement this Easter with shades that will make the world a BRIGHTER place. Chiffon Sparkle presents "EASTER RELOADED". I have scouted a ton of online sources to collect and present the most Illuminating Easter designs just in time to give you some ideas for this coming Sunday. XOXO

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