Monday, April 2, 2012

OOTD: Peep green

Today's look was inspired by convenience. I was not in the mood for an "outfit" I just wanted a one piece wonder and I stumbled upon this gem. Nothing is more convenient and appropriate than a black dress. I love this dress, because it is versatile and comfortable. I will rarely compromise comfort for style... so the fact alone that I can wiggle around in this dress makes it an "in front of the closet garment" versus a back of the closet garment. I purchased this dress maybe 2 years ago and what caught my eye was the color contrast, which surprisingly is very in today. I was hip 2 years ago.  Who would have thought neons woudl be the new neutrals. In any event- this was my " thank God its Friday" gear and now it is time to change clothes and go. Until we meet again my lovely people. I am off to enjoy the my blessed weekend. Peace and Blessings - Chiffon Sparkle

SURPRISE. One great thing about fashion is the element of surprise in garments. From the front it looks like a regular  plain black dress, but as I turn to the side... the surprises unfolds.. Such a beautiful dress. Such a striking color.

Calvin Klein Dress, DY Wrist Candy, Ray Ban shades, Jessica Simpson Black patent shoes, black tights ( HUE)

Flowerbomb! Chiffon Sparkle XOXO


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