Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beyonce: Do we like her look?

These long flowy skirts are definitely trending right now. I kinda dig them. I love the fabric of the dress. It is really festive. I wish I wasn't all of 5 foot 5 but I would probably want to rock it with a crop fitted top to elongate the look a bit. Either way, I see what Bey was going for... but do you think she hit it- or missed it? 

If you do like this look: Here you GO!!!!

Beyonce's Look

Crumpet summer top
£65 -
GUESS by Marciano floor length skirt
$138 -
Topshop heel pumps
$96 -
Dorothy Perkins black bag
$95 -
Michael kors jewelry
$45 -
Ralph Lauren tortoiseshell sunglasses
$250 -
Trilby hat
£18 -


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