Saturday, March 17, 2012

Red Zipper Fashion Company Launch- Washington D.C.

by: Chiffon Curtis

Today, Maryland entrepreneur, Lydia Jefferson premiered her new clothing company, Red Zipper at Twelve Restaurant & Lounge DC.The venue left a lot to be desired, the lighting was poor and the floor looked like dirty concrete and was a total distraction to all the creative energy present. The basement-like interior was set up as best as possible - but the ambiance look was "under construction"  in appearance. The event was scheduled to start at 5:00pm but did not start until a little after 7:00pm. There was a marathon in DC today, which I am sure was responsible for the late start. I was there to cover the event and was invited by Barbara Choice of Choice Management who was handling all the press surrounding this event. I was excited to personally witness someone from my hometown actualizing their dreams. It is always my pleasure to support positivity and creativity. The Keynote speaker for the event was BJ Coleman, New York Publicist, who was a personal assistant for Kimora Simmons and was a cast mate on her show, Life in the Fab Lane. It was really exciting informally meeting him and hearing him speak about his experience in the fashion/entertainment industry. BJ gave a really great speech- actually my highlight of the evening- with a lot of great advice. One of the highlights of his speech was  his top tips for success. He believes a person should  always know who they are- that is one of the best aspects to "networking"- to know who you are. I thought that was simple  yet very powerful. 
 The event was lacking, however it  was such a pleasure meeting Lydia and seeing her take steps to fulfill her vision and making her dreams a reality.

About Red Zipper
Red Zipper is a company that will embark fashionistas on a twofold experience;  eco-friendly shopping while steering them away from mass produced clothing. The primary focus is to bring a variety of fashion to the DMV while simultaneously joining the movement with other local boutiques.  From the new urban wear, to vintage to handmade accessories we are determined to expose the DMV as the up and coming mecca fashion district. Red Zipper will achieve this by combining uniquely crafted second-hand garments into trendy attire that will be complimented with one of a kind items from accessories to footwear, each creation with a touch of distinction- a red zipper.

I wish Lydia much success!
-XOXO Chiffon Sparkle

Inside of Venue for Red Zipper Launch

Accessories by Purple Pills Babies- Tasiya Sealy ( CEO)

Purple Pills Babies Designer: Tasiya Sealy

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