Tuesday, August 27, 2013

OOTD: Cake Cake Cake and My Polka Dot Romper

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear Chiffon, Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Kake Corner Bakery in Laurel Maryland

Tammy Fullton( My hairstylist for the evening) and virgo mate!!!

I cant stand rooftops, I got bubblegum all along the side of my shoe!!!!! Anyway this is one of my good friends since elementary school. Hey Renae!!!

My Ace Book Koon, Portia Pleasant, Hairstylist, Singer, Event Planner etc. Check out her blog The Peacock Freak. Also a lot of the great shots you see are taken by her most of the time!!!! Know her!!! LOL (sorry for the blurry pic)

Romper: BCBG, Clutch: Louis Vuitton, Shoes: Christian Louboutin( Decollete), Earrings: ATL Vendor, Watch: Michele, Rings: Ippolita, Earrings: Gold Balls, Perfume: Hermes- Un Mediterranean, Lips: Magenta Lipliner by MAC, Show Orchid lipstick by MAC.

The Talk: Yesterday was my birthday and I had such an interesting day. I started by doing housework. I called myself trying to get organized and realized that there are not enough hours in the day to do so and try and find  something to wear to my birthday party @ Current Lounge in DC. I was super bloated and could not easily fit into my outfit so I did everything you could imagine to make it fit. First stop was of course the gym, but I did not work out, instead I went in the sauna for about 35 minutes and got my sweat on. What better way to get rid of excess water weight than by sitting in a hot arse room. Anywho, after my heat fest I ran home to try on my outfit again- and to no avail..... I could not seem to fasten the zipper on the side. I then became very creative and got some saran wrap and decided to wrap myself 10 pounds thinner... FAIL. I soon felt very discouraged and looked to my other options until a light bulb came on. BRIGHT IDEA: Lay down on the floor on your side and get someone else to zip it for you... and BAM... POW.... ZIP.. that baby was up and I was running in no time. I was super duper ecstatic. I was comfortable, cute and classy, and immobilized from the restroom for the rest of the night... but that was ok because I had 2 glasses of champagne before I left. BTW, I am a non drinker, but I bought champagne so, I was drinking champagne ( Moet).

me and my cuzzo
Me and my good girlfriend model, Nicole


  1. you looked absolutely fabulous; the outfit, the shoes and the purse.

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful! Love all of your photos and your outfit is stunning on you. It looks like you have a great time. The purse and the shoes are FAB!


  3. OMG YOUR CAKE!!!!!!!! I need that in my life! lol Happy Birthday :)


  4. Hope you had a wonderful and Happy Birthday Ms. Chiffon! Looks like you all did! I know you was EXTRA HEATED getting gum on the Louboutins, but you still rocked the BCBG Romper with the purse and accessories very nicely! MALE APPROVED! - JT


  5. I love all of the clever cakes! The polka dot romper is the perfect celebration outfit! I hope your birthday was fantastic! #BLMGirl

  6. You Rocked I Loved everything~Sincerly Dione'

  7. You look gorgeous, nice blog

  8. You looked fab, hoped you enjoyed your night :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  9. Love your cake its too gorgeous and your outfit and make up was great!1 Happy Belated Birthday, I love your blog :)

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