Friday, July 20, 2012

Beauty Tips: How to wear makeup in humid weather

Summer Makeup Tips: Waterproof and Long-Lasting Must-Haves

by Chiffon Curtis

Who says you have to give up wearing makeup in the summer? I am a professional makeup artist and I know my way around the block. A lot of women fear wearing makeup in the summer because they have this dreadful image of it melting off their faces. I am here to tell you that beauty can be year round. Here are some tips and products to try for flawless summer makeup.


You definitely want to lighten up the load with your foundation, but you don’t have to go completely naked. After using an oil-free moisturizer (don’t forget the SPF!), apply a foundation primer to help smooth out the pores and help your makeup last longer, then your lightweight foundation, and finally set with powder. Keep a mattifying compact handy throughout the day to touch-up shine.

Product picks

Department store: Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Poreless  Primer ($40 at  If you’re serious about having your makeup last, you seriously need to pick up this primer. Even with my oily skin, I could still wear cream highlighters (usually big no-nos) during the summer thanks to this primer.

Drugstore: L’Oreal  Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base ($12.99 at drugstores). This drugstore primer actually rivals many of its more expensive counterparts in how smooth it goes on and makes your makeup last all day.

Department store: Make Up For Ever Face and Body Liquid Makeup ($40 at Sephora). This lightweight waterproof foundation will give the skin a more even appearance with a satin finish. It comes in a variety of shades, and since it’s also formulated for use on the body, you can use it to cover discoloration on the legs and décolletage.

Drugstore: Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation ($11.99 at Ulta). It’s not waterproof, but it does provide up to 24 hours of coverage. The lightweight formula won’t feel heavy on but is enough to even out your skin tone. You can choose between combo/oily and normal/dry formulas plus a wide variety of shades from fair to deep.


Department store: Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender ($40 at This clear un-powder helps to not only set your makeup, but it practically erases the look of pores all while giving you a gorgeous satin finish. You can also carry around the travel version for quick and easy touch-ups throughout the day.

Drugstore: Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Loose Powder ($8.95 at drugstores). This translucent powder works on all skin tones to set your makeup and gives a beautiful matte finish.


Many women skip blush out of fear, but how could you be scared of something that brightens your skin tone, makes you look more alert, and is the PERFECT companion for all your summer makeup looks? But sometimes, if not applied the right way, blush can perform some disappearing acts by lunch time. Try this trick to get your cheek color to last all day: First apply a cream blush using your fingers or a blush brush to blend onto the cheekbones and then apply a similarly colored powder blush on top. This layering method gives the blush something to hold onto so it lasts longer.

Product picks

Department store:  (Cream Blush) Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream ($20 at Sephora). These little colorful wonder pots are waterproof, crease-proof and budge-proof and can be used as liner, eyeshadow, lip color and cheek color. Shades #5,6,7,8,9,10 are made especially for the cheeks.

(Powder Blush) Illamasqua Powder Blusher ($24 at Sephora). Bold, vibrant cheek color (seriously, bright blush on brown skin equals HUGE WIN) that even on its own could last you all day. Plus, these come in a matte finish making it great even for textured skin.

Drugstore:  (Powder Blush) Milani Baked Powder Blush ($7 at drugstores). These little baked compacts give the cheeks a mix of color and a luminous glow in just one swipe with its long-lasting finish.


The best way to keep your pucker pretty in the summer heat is to layer. Gently exfoliate the lips with a wet toothbrush or your favorite lip scrub to prep them for color. Then apply a lip primer or a light balm to smooth any lines. Line and fill in your lips with a lip pencil in a similar hue as your lip color. After these layers, apply your lipstick and to really wow ’em, add gloss.

Product picks

Department store: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick ($30 at Nordstrom). Not only is the packaging completely chic, but Rouge Pur Couture also gives you creamy lip color with shine that lasts up to eight hours.

Drugstore: Black Radiance Perfect Tone Lipstick ($2 at drugstore). Try out all of the season’s hottest lip colors for less than the cost of a latte. These creamy lipsticks may be cheap in price, but they’re pigmented and will last long.


The eyes will have it this summer. Just remember to layer to keep your eye makeup looks from creasing and fading. A great eye shadow primer will do the trick as a base to keep your shadow put.

Product picks

Department store: Urban Decay Primer Potion ($20). This colorless primer helps to prep the lids for color by smoothing out any lines giving eye shadow a base to hold onto so it lasts.


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