Sunday, April 8, 2012


Ok. I went by Saks the other day just to window shop, browse, see what's hot and what's not and I came across some fantastic pieces. I did not buy anything this round-- but I took photos for you to check out what I was drooling over. HMPH

How hot are these shoes? I am a huge fan of round toe shoes and they get no better than this. I need these in my wardrobe. YESTERDAY.... LOVE LOVE LOVE

Side view: Love the profile on these beauties!!

Back View: heel height is about 3.5 inches

Every girl needs a fierce patent pump in her wardrobe!!!

This clutch is all types of fabulous. It's an innovative design for Chanel. I love the colors and geometric silhouette of this clutch. It was absolutely gorgeous in person and crazy expensive too. It was fun to look at...that is for SURE. I wish I would have taken a picture of the perwinkle Chanel Boy bag, you can kinda see it peeking from behind. The color was just GORGEOUS. Chanel 2012 Resort collection was full of lilacs, yellows, etc. I love the iridescent finish on this clutch...such a masterpiece.

Love this ring. I really did not want to leave it behind but my SA demanded me to leave the store without it. It was the perfect size and everything. I love the double CC"s because those are my initials and I thought this ring was super duper cute, and super duper made for me.. I will just add it to my wishlist for now!!!!

Do you see anything you like?

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  1. I love that ring. It's as subtle as I've seen Chanel get! Cute!!!


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