Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top Perfume Picks for Spring 2012

Hey guys,

I went to Sephora today to test drive some new fragrances for the season, and I discovered some old favorites and some sensual new scents that I am digging for Spring. Here is a list of  my top 10 scents that are sure to add some spice to the air you exist in. Smelling good is Always in STYLE.

#10- Insolence by Guerlain Paris

#9- Cartier

#8 Hermes in Un Jardin Mediteranee Perfume 

#7- Bond 9 in Astor Place


#6- Creed in Virgin Island Water


#5- Chanel Chance

#4- Burberry Brit

#3- My Insolence by Guerlain Paris

#2- Leau de Chloe

#1- Fan di Fendi


  1. Burberry Brit is a classic. try Gucci Flora too. Amazing!

    xoxo, CG ♥

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  2. I have the Gucci Flora, it is delicious!!!! I so love Burberry Brit!!!!

  3. Have you tried Romance by Ralph Lauren? I love it! I like light fragrances. I hate the deep sensual scents like Beyonce's.

  4. I have tried Romance before and I remember really liking it. I will be going on another hunt for more fragrances very soon!

  5. You have to add coach poppy(not flower) and BCBG ( I have it, dont know the name but it has a flowers top). They are such summer/spring fragrances, so lite

  6. I remember the coach poppy fragrance that;s a really really good one . I will try the BCBG fragrance. Im going to do an update of this post in the next week or so.


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