Sunday, April 8, 2012

OOTD: Blues, Grays, Silver and Plaid

Hey Gang,

Today was a good day. Praise God. I was going for work casual with a twist. How many times have you seen faux fur at the office- not often I assume, but I figured a clever way out of a structured silhouette for something to allow me to breathe, relax and be free. It also allowed me to wear the tightest pant imaginable and play it off as office ok.LOL. Anywho,  I really really  love all colors, and today's palette was my interpretation of winter summer. Yes winter summer... with muted shades of silver, blue, greys and fur with a plaid tote for a nice contrast. The sun was my main accessory today, it added just the right amount of brightness I needed to give energy to my calm palette. I love how all things work together.
Chiffon Sparkle XOXO

Burberry Tote!!!

Love the color palette of Grey, Silver, brown, blue and black.
I Love this Duster. It is EVERYTHING.
Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses- I love the purple-ish, clear gray tone of these shades. 

Black patent skinny belt- Steve Madden

Tahari Wool and Silver cap toe Mary Janes. 

Grrrr... love the tones on the shirt with the vest.- beautiful <3


Blue shirt

Gray Legging with zipper
Plaid Tote
Mary Janes
Gray Duster


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